Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keith Gessen went to my high school!

No analyzing tonight, just the screenshots-as-evidence. Details, ruminations, and general analysis will occur tomorrow. Credit to Nina for writing the wallpost that spurred my frantic Googling quest for Mr. Gessen. Credit to myself for being an excellent internet stalker. Just kidding, don't arrest me please.

Also: it would figure that the king of the Sad, Young, Literary Men is from my town. I have no idea why I'm surprised.


LOLSAM said...

except i'm pretty sure he group up in my town. look up his biography on amazon. clarksville, maryland.

not to, like, shit on your post or anything.

Vanessa said...

I think the section you were reading from references the book, which means it was referring to his character Keith, who does indeed come from maryland. But, even though it's easy to assume all the stuff his character does is really HIM, i don't think the geographical locations are true. Mostly because I am 99.999% sure he went to Newton South and was an editor on the same newspaper I worked for (we were weird and had two.)

Anyway in other news I am anxiously awaiting your phone call and I hope you're ready with some therapist-style psycho-babble. Great thanks.

Also: more thoughts on this (KG) tonight. Maybe, if I'm not too lazy to write a post that requires thinking.