Tuesday, September 30, 2008

NYT reports on Pirates

Oh you know, just a regular ol' day...New York Times is just reporting on Somali Pirates who stole some ship loaded with weapons from the Ukraine...no big deal.

Some of the article's most brilliant insights:

In a 45-minute interview, Mr. Sugule [head pirate] expounded on everything from what the pirates wanted ("just money") to why they were doing this ("to stop illegal fishing and dumping in our waters") to what they had to eat on board (rice, mean, bread, spaghetti, "you know, normal human-being food.")

He said that so far, in the eyes of the world, the pirates had been misunderstood. "We don't consider ourselves sea bandits," he said. "We consider sea bandits those who illegally fish in our seas and dump waste in our seas and carry weapons in our seas. We are simply patrolling our seas. Think of us like a coast guard."

Mr. Sugule said his men were treating the crew members well. (The pirates would not let the crew members speak on the phone, saying it was against their rules.)

When asked why the pirates needed $20 million to protect themselves from hunger, Mr. Sugule laughed and said, "Because we have a lot of men."


I stop shopping, AA decides to produce 400 new looks.

I stepped into the American Apparel on Broadway/campus today for the first time all month and was totally taken aback. I decide to stop shopping for one semester (yay saving every penny so that my dollar can be worthless in London in the spring!) and AA decides to 1. change around the entire layout of the store 2. create something called a Sac Dress and 3. begin utilizing prints heavily. What the fuck?

Oh, and this? Seriously?!

Monday, September 29, 2008

"Title your thesis 'Bad-ass Women of the 18th Century!'"

I don't always pay attention in lecture but today it was easy because we were talking about the totally fabulous and bad-ass awesome lady Mary Wollstonecraft. I'm doing my in-class presentation on this week's reading on Thursday, so I was paying special attention the texts assigned, but really I think I would have anyway because there's just no way not to think this lady was awesome.

According to my Third Edition Longman Anthology of British Literature (Volume 2A, for those of you following along), Wollstonecraft was reviled as a "radical revolutionary, an atheist, a slut, and a pathologically castrating threat to masculine authority." Why? Well she was "advocating the education of young women, the virtues of sense over sensibility, chastity for men as well as women, school uniforms, and regular physical exercise." I mean, I don't agree with girlfriend about everything (as a girl in my class pointed out, why chastity for everyone? I believe in equality, but why not overt sexuality across the board instead?), but you have to admit she was a pretty confident and awesome lady for the 1700s. Except she would probably get offended that I said "lady," because at one point in her Vindication of the Rights of Woman she lashes out at the (male) writers who have tried to address the "ladies" and posits that she will refer to "my sex in a firmer tone, pay[ing] particular attention to those in the middle class..." Other fun bio facts: she helped her sister get out of an abusive marriage, was financially independent as a writer, had an affair and a baby with this American adventurer, attempted suicide on two separate occasions when he left her, had another affair with a different guy and a baby (Mary Shelley!), and unfortunately died during childbirth. Basically, she is a really interesting woman of history and a great read. 

One interesting thing though: although I guess this is a pretty radical take for her time (I don't want to say "feminist text" because I don't think the movement as we reference it was exactly in existence during the 18th century), Wollstonecraft definitely makes some points that make me cringe. She clearly is very passionate about her subject matter, which is essentially that women should be equal to men, so I guess she is feministic...in a way. However, her tone is condescending at times (reminiscent of the feminists of today who act like any woman who would choose to stay at home and raise a family as opposed to getting four different degrees and curing cancer while wearing high heels is an asshole hoping to derail the feminist cause), using "they" and "them" to refer to the women she is speaking about. She also has this strange idea that essentially in order to reach equality with men, women have to shut down their feelings. This I'm not totally clear on, but basically (with the help of lecture this morning and with a few more readings) it seems that she's saying: men are going to be faithless and stray, so in order not to become overcome by passion/saddness over this, you must rid yourself of all emotion. Which is kind of fucked up and I'm pretty sure we call that repression today, and people pay tons of money to psychologists to get that sort of shit figured out.

In conclusion, Mary Wollstonecraft is definitely my hero of the week, even if we have differing views of the best way to make men and women equal. It's very cool though, I think, that women were taking on this problem of society as early as the 1700s...and it just proves that we shouldn't stop now. Maybe 300 years from now some little undergrad student will find all the feminist literature from today and think, "Wow, it's so awesome that women cared about this already in 2008. They'd be so proud of how far we've come."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

New York, I love you, but...

Talking to Sara tonight, which always helps me clear my brain and organize my thoughts, made me come to a clearer, more eloquent conclusion about this.

The main reason I find it so difficult to be creative in New York, when it comes to both writing and taking photographs, is because the city drains everything out of me. Simply living here day to day is emotionally draining...so I end up having no emotions to put down on a page, or to channel into a photo shoot. The city gets everything.

I think that's why even though most days I can't imagine ever leaving, at the same time I wonder how I can possibly stay.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brit Lit II

It's gotten to the point where I don't even care if my papers are good. In fact, I rather assume they're bad. But it doesn't matter; I just enjoy seeing words fill the page.

I'd like to say that this is a metaphor for my life, but things are actually going quite well right now. So I'll just say it's how I feel about writing English papers at 5am, because that's what it's all about.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Is my brain half full or half empty?

I've been doing this thing lately where I really want to write, but then I sit down with my notebook/at my computer and I find myself totally stuck.

It's not just one genre, either. This summer I stopped writing poetry and it freaked me out a bit, but I figured it would come back. Now though, it seems that everything is going, bit by bit. I want to update this in a way that I am proud of, but I don't quite know what to say. As I was saying to Nina last night, a lot of things are going on in my life, but most seem quite unbloggable, for various reasons. Then I'd like to continue (as in, write more than one piece?) contributing for NYULocal, but I just can't think of a single worthy thing to submit. I haven't even written in my food journal (mandated by my nutritionist, not a weird yearning to be anorexic, though I have been told my adoration for MK's 80 pound miniature body causes concern in some) for the past four days! 

I don't know, I just feel so...empty? My days are very full and I am doing a lot of cool things, and I have more work than I know what to do with and various social engagements that keep me occupied and recently, even, satisfied...but it's almost like I'm too full. Now I'm contradicting myself, but it's because I feel as though I'm thinking as I type because I don't get two minutes to do that any day. For me, being busy has always been bad for my writing. I need to be a little bit lonely, a little bit underwhelmed, in order to say what I mean to say. Or maybe that's not it at all, maybe I had it right the first time, I am too empty now so there is nothing to come out. There is though, I know there are things waiting to be said, I can feel them at the surface...they just can't make their way onto paper yet.

I think the real conclusion is that when I get to busy with physical activities, I don't have enough time to empty my thoughts properly. So I probably have way too much inside of me right now because I'm actively doing way too many things, but none of them include writing and that's a problem.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Please stop feeling sorry for Mrs. Palin.

I generally stay away from writing about politics (though I enjoy discussing them at length) simply because I never feel qualified. As much as I have been following this election and putting thought and energy into who I am supporting, I never feel like I know enough. In order to avoid sounding like an asshole, then, I simply avoid the topic. Feminism, however, I can take on. And there is enough worrying me about this supposed "feminist" lunatic that I feel this post is absolutely necessary. After I write it I will probably return to not posting about politics. But a few things need to be said, mostly because of something that happened in class yesterday. 

During a break in my three hour all-women writing workshop, somehow the conversation came around to Sarah Palin. Someone mentioned teen pregnancy, then someone else said something about the Bush Doctrine incident, and finally of course someone joked about the email scandal. Then a girl piped up: "I feel really sorry for Palin." I stiffened visibly. "Don't," I said. The girl started to giggle, but my grave expression cut her off. "No seriously," I continued, "don't. Because all those people out there feeling sorry for her are going to vote for her and she and McCain are going to get elected and we are no longer going to have any rights and that thought scares me everyday." With that, my professor suggested we get back to the workshop. The poor bubbly girl who had initially expressed sympathy was staring at me like I was an asshole who kicks puppies (pitbulls? Sorry I couldn't help it.) But I was spooked. This is a situation we are facing, and we have to deal with it because if we don't, November is going to serve up one nasty dish of Republican, not to mention that the main course is about ready to die and that will leave Mrs. Apetizer to take over. Excuse the poor metaphor, but if Sarah Palin ever had .01% of a chance of becoming president, I would never be able to eat again, so I might as well reference food now.

Here's the situation: I basically do not agree about this woman on anything. If you read the news and follow politics you know where she stands, and you know where you stand in relation, so I don't feel the need to reiterate any of this for you. But here's the thing. There are women, men, people out there who have chosen to believe Sarah Palin is a feminist. They see a mother of five running for vice president, really achieving fame and purpose, from this small little suburb, and they admire her. She inspires them. They think she's wonderful. She gives them hope. They want to be just like her.

And these supporters? These people who think she is so brave and courageous? They think the media is a bunch of mean assholes who like to kick puppies. That same look the girl in my class gave me after I freaked out, that's the look these people want to give the whole country. They want us to believe Sarah Palin is a mother. They want us to believe she is a giver, an achiever, a wonderful inspiration who is helping make more cracks in the glass ceiling. They want us to know that Sarah loves America, and they don't understand why we won't love her back. They think we are liberal assholes.

And you know what? Some of us are. It wasn't okay to make comments about Hilary's pantsuits, and it should not be okay to make comments that Palin is a sexy librarian. It wasn't okay to include sexism in the primaries, and it should not be okay now. Personal attacks should also not be okay. Bristol Palin may be a clear example that abstinence-only education does not work, but picking on her, her mother, and implying that there is some scandal involving Trig being Bristol's baby makes us look mean. And petty. And dumb, really, because aside from the sex-education angle, Palin's family life should not be used to reflect her ability as a leader. Even my father pointed out that references to her being unable to lead because she is a mother of 5 and "that's a pretty big job" reeks of sexism and pointlessness. What the fuck? If she was a dude that would never be brought up. Let's not make this irrelevant. There are plenty of legitimate marks of incompetence and pure craziness. We should not be attacking her personal life, because all this does is make a certain group of people in this country feel sorry for Palin. We cannot make her the underdog. Because underdogs win.

This has already been touched upon, but really, what we need to do is focus on Obama. People who are on the fence need to know what he is about. And the best way for that to happen is for the media, his supporters, and Obama himself to start ignoring the crazy lady in the glasses and start talking about our man. The way we used to. If Obama can do one thing amazingly (remember kids, Hilary was my girl...but I'm adjusting) it's speak about himself. We need that guy to step back up. Gawker Media made this point but then followed it with emailgate, but I can't really blame them. Whether it's because they need page views or because they are a type of news outlet, I understand both the greedy and the journalistic need to continue the coverage. They have been doing an impressive job with this election, especially now that Moe is writing, and I would not want them to stop. But it's people like me, and things like this post, that need to stop. I should be touting the reasons Obama is the man for the job in November right now...not complaining or hating on Palin, because I am sure to offend her sympathizers. I am sure to be read as a cruel anti-woman liberal. Does this reading kill me inside because of its inaccuracy? Sure. But will it win us the election? Fuck, no.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is not in the bag. It will never be in the bag. Until Obama is sworn into the White House, he has not won, and I pray to god that day will arrive but until it does we can not pop open the champagne. This is going to be a really tough fight all the way through to the end, and giving our competition any attention, negative or positive, is not in our best interests. We need to be making sure our side gets positive attention all the way through. We need to make our message clear. We cannot get involved Sarah-Palin-Bashing-fests, because as easy as we find them, we are hurting something bigger.

I think it's amazing to watch how the media will effect the end result of this election. I feel like I was much younger for the last election (intriguing, right, because it was only four years ago, after all) but even if I was not significantly younger, I definitely knew less and was far less informed. So maybe this was happening already in 2004, but I really feel now that the blogosphere has taken over this election as a force like no other, and I really do think the way the media comes down on things, particularly the new wave media, will effect the final result.

We just need to make sure that effect is the one we want, and the result is one that we can accept with pride and relief. So let's stop bashing Palin for all these personal issues, because I don't want to have to yell at anyone else who feels sorry for her. Let's focus on the politics and focus on why Obama is a better choice to lead the country than McCain or Palin. Let's get a Democrat in the White House, and then let's get drunk. Cool? Okay.

Don't worry, I'm alive. Kind of.

Okay so I haven't blogged in almost a week. Apologies apologies, but today is the first day I don't feel like I want to die, so hopefully things will get rolling from here. Not that I have a life anymore, but I'm sure I can find time to squander babbling about myself. Oh, and just to clarify: when I say "want to die" the implications are because of illness and not being able to breath through my nose and being convinced I have a sinus infection (which I did not.) Not because I'm like, clinically depressed or anything like that. IN CASE ANYONE WAS CONCERNED.

So. After such a long hiatus I should have a lot to say but the truth is I don't have much. I am going to write a separate (why can't I spell that word? I've been using it excessively lately and every time I type it I make the first "a" an "e" and then my computer underlines the word in red and I remember my same stupid mistake and have to go back and fix it) post after this one about Sarah Palin, even though I rarely foray into politics, because I have a few things that I absolutely cannot live without writing. But just a few.

My internship continues to thrill me. I don't love being a "real person", and occasionally have existential break downs about picking the wrong college and giving up childhood and irresponsibility all too soon, but for me, that's pretty run of the mill. All in a days work.

Also, in my creative writing class yesterday, as an in class assignment, we had to make a list. A list of anything. As someone who wishes she could make lists about when to breath, I was in heaven. As a general policy I do not discuss Real Life Boys on this blog, so I unfortunately cannot post the list here, but I will disclose that it was entitled: Boys I've Hooked Up With and Concerns That Ensued, or Why I Am Still Single. Avoiding all modesty for a moment I must admit it was brilliant, and never have I felt so justified in being alone.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

When I'm sick

It never ceases to amaze me how much mucus my body can produce, and at such a rapid and unrelenting speed. Truly fascinating.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Well friends don't have sex with each other, so I don't think you'll be friends."

Sam Zients is my new Life Guru, I've decided. After offering me pearls of wisdom like the one featured in the title and also: "If I learned anything from Tyra Banks it's that you gotta love yourself before you can love anyone else," I'm betting there's not a psychologist in this city who could be so attuned to my pathological situations. Most of which involve a lot of crying. 

Please don't get me wrong, strangers and not-close-friends who read this blog, it's not as if I'm crying all the time (close, personal friends: you can stop laughing now.) I am generally a very pleased person. It's just, when the going gets tough, my tears tend to start going. So I'm taking Sam (Tyra's?) advice. Forget about boys. I'm finding love in the city this semester, but it might have to be a one woman show.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Project Runway? What the fuck was that? Are you seriously telling me Joe and Suede are still on the show? Seriously? And you kicked Blayne off? I know his design sucked, but seriously, you're trying to tell me it was worse than Suede's?! Michael Kors called Suede delusional! Isn't it time to send him to the looney bin, where he belongs?! And Korto was robbed.

And, as if one runway devastation isn't enough to deal with, I just found out that one of the other CosmoGirl interns sat a few rows behind Mary Kate, my one true love, at a fashion show yesterday...the same one that I was offered a ticket to but had to decline because of sorority stuff.

Really, I don't even know what the point of my life is right now.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Snippet of a conversation that took place at the "Singles Table" I was seated at for Jess & Josh's wedding, which consisted of 29 year olds, and me.

Vanessa: Aw, weddings are so romantic.
Single Girl #1: Are you kidding? They're depressing. My dad was like "Wow, I can't believe you're going to another wedding...alone."
Single Girl #2: Oh, my mom just says that with her eyes. She doesn't even need to say it out loud anymore.

On the other hand...

Single Guy #1: Just do what you love, and love will come to you.

I will admit, when even Slut Machine Tracie declares she's getting married, it makes it pretty hard to enjoy being single. So I guess just a note to all those hot soul mates out there: I'm very happy! I'm doing lots of things that I love. Now please feel free to come to me. Great, thanks.

Email Etiquette

I think it's really awkward when you email someone "Hi _________," or "Dear _________" and then they respond using a different form of their name when they write back. This happens occasionally with baby sitting clients, and even more embarrassingly, positions of authority at school.

For example: "Hi Liz!" And then she writes in her response, "Thanks, Elizabeth." I immediately go into panic mode thinking, shit, where the hell did I get "Liz" from! I must have heard her say it once, but where do I get off writing Liz like we are BFF? She hates me. She thinks I'm disrespectful. She thinks I'm delusional and am envisioning a best-friend-ship with the woman who happened to give birth to the kid I babysit...

Or another example: "Dear Ruth," only to receive a very nice email a few minutes later, answering my question and signing off, "All the best, Dean Brown." This illicits even greater panic, because now I'm thinking this woman who runs shit here at NYU thinks I am an over-friendly impolite moron who doesn't understand proper email etiquette. 

And of course it then begs the question of how do you respond? Do I just write "Dear Dean Brown," in the next email and pretend like I never screwed up? Do I apologize for calling Elizabeth Liz? Who knows.

I have to finish [probably fucking up] a bunch more emails now. Wish me luck.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

They got sunshine

It poured on Saturday, incase you don't live in the New York area, and I was terrified that the beautiful outdoor wedding I was attending today would be rained out. Someone (or many people!) "up there" had other plans though, as the father of the bride and I joked today. He encouraged me to "blog about it!" So I am. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and the wedding was a beautiful affair, weather included.

I have lots to say spurred by the conversations I had and observations I made at this wedding, but it will have to wait because for now I have books to read and groceries to order and idea lists to email. For now I will just say that Jess and Josh (yes, I of course realize the hilarity/coincidence–no, they are not the same people) are a wonderful pair who put together an amazing celebration. And Nina, the maid of honor and sister of the bride, made a brilliant speech, because she is brilliant. And damn fine.

Oh, and don't worry. I swear, the clitoris post will finally come to be one of these days. I just want to make sure it's exactly right before posting it. But it is coming, despite this conversation:
Mom: Vaness, are you still planning on writing about the clitoris?
Vanessa: Yeah, I'm getting around to it.
Mom: I was thinking, maybe you shouldn't...what if your CosmoGirl editor reads it?
Vanessa: Mom, it's my blog!
Mom: Oh god, I thought you were going to say "It's my clitoris!"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

More love, still no boys

Not coincidentally, my two favorite television characters are Lorelei Gilmore and Nancy Botwin. Played by Lauren Graham and Mary Louise Parker, the two have a lot in common. They are both older women: not young, not stupid, not vapid. They each already have kid(s), and are raising these children single handedly (well, mostly.) Though they are older, they are still gorgeous, sexy women. They are very smart, extremely witty, and totally crazy. (People tend to use the word "crazy" as an insult, but I've really never seen it as such a bad thing. What's the opposite of crazy? Sane. Why would anyone want to be sane? Sane is normal. Sane is boring. Crazy is way better.)

These two women have such a strong grip on life, and such a belief that they truly deserve respect and happiness, and it's just really great to see those kinds of roles on television. Yes, drug dealing Nancy may wield her sexuality a tad too freely at times, and sure, she's been a bit of a not-so-present parent these past few episodes, but really, we all fuck up sometimes. Overall, you have to admit that both women are very badass in their own ways.

All that being said, the whole thing that got me started thinking about these lovely ladies is the fact that I am obsessed with my creative writing teacher this semester, and she actually reminds me of both of these women. Not that I envision her pushing drugs, getting pregnant at 16, or being my girl crush.

We've only had one class so far, but I am already floored. There are 7 of us total, all girls, which is kind of ridiculous not in the sense that we are all girls because this is NYU, but in the sense that I am in such a tiny class because this is NYU! I'm incredibly excited and hope the course will be as inspiring and invigorating as I imagine it will be. When we were introducing ourselves yesterday I inadvertently said "Sorry" before something, because I do that, and she goes, "Stop! Don't do that! Don't apologize! I am going to be calling you all out a lot this semester, anytime you apologize. I notice, girls are always apologizing. 'Oh, I didn't have enough time to work on this so it's not good enough,' or 'This isn't very funny,'...guys never do that! So don't do it! I want you to think you're fabulous! I want you to be conceited! Just don't apologize! You don't have any reason to."

...I take it back, she is totally my new girl crush.

Mary Kate-licious

Everyone hates Blayne but I don't care because I love him. And as an acquaintance who I was once strangely close with and now no longer speak to pointed out a few years ago, "I admire you because you stick with your beliefs, no matter how unpopular they make you." Well thanks dude. That might be a backhanded compliment but I actually think it's fairly accurate and not something I am ashamed of in the least. I'm not looking to win any popularity contests, and I will not compromise who I am to be more well-liked. Though if you choose to like me as I am, then I will be quite pleased and will almost certainly like you back.

Anyway fuck that reflection. It's because I'm home alone on a Friday night. Don't judge, I'm tired. Anyway, BLAYNE. The reason why I am now sure that we are soul mates and although he is gay we should 100% get married is due to his adorable little wondering on this past week's episode: "Okay, we're in the meatpacking district, and it's a fashion legend...so I'm thinking maybe it's Mary Kate? I mean, I hope it's Mary Kate! Of course I want the challenge to be about Mary Kate! I want every challenge to be about Mary Kate! I want to marry Mary Kate! I mean, I think everybody does...except Tim Gunn."

If you know me even a little bit, you realize that this dialogue alone is enough to qualify someone as my life partner. Richard* Blayne Walsh, give me a call. I realize you're gay, but I really think we could have something beautiful. 

*According to the comments on the YouTube video that I'm too incompetent to post here, Blayne's real name is Richard?! And he is just going by his middle name?! Imagine referring to him as Richard. Okay I have to go sit down now, it's all too much.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

Check out my first post on the new version of NYULocal!

Special thanks to Nina for buying me the book.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hot child in the city

Okay, it's inevitable that I feel less trendy here at NYU than I do at home. This is home of weird being normal, outlandish being mundane, and most peoples' "class attire" being generally nicer than I manage to look on a Saturday night out on the town. This is a place where people actually wear shit like this:
Not that those sunglasses aren't adorable, but you know what I mean. Do you? Whatever. PS, thanks random girl who let me snap your photo at the Gould Plaza Picnic–you rock, and I mean no real offense to your shmexy shades. Anyway. My point is, I get that my Gap-shorts-AA-v-neck-plain-flip-flops-that-gave-me-the-most-god-awful-blisters-of-my-life-today look isn't exactly on par with what most NYU students pride themselves on putting together each day, and I'm okay with that. I appreciate trendy/sexy/hilarious outfits. I do. 

What I can't tolerate is the plain ignorance I saw today. This must stop immediately.

Newsflash: IT IS STILL SUMMER, PEOPLE! Why are you wearing a sweater/leather boots/jeans/many layered scarves/any type of vest etc etc etc?! Okay I kind of take it back about the jeans, because I understand some people just don't dig shorts. Whatever. But let me explain something. I am always too hot. It might be because I'm enormously obese or it might be because I lived in Canada and I just love winter, but I am basically always too fucking hot. So seeing all you crazies in this fall/winter wear?? On an 86 degree SUMMER day?! It kills me! How are you not sweating your faces off?!

That being said, I do appreciate the creativity I saw on the streets today. Apparently the summer was spent learning how to mix pieces, so it looks less like an American Apparel Army walking down University and more like...an American Apparel Army that spent some time in a thrift store? Whatever. Keep rocking your individual style NYU. Just remember: Fall doesn't officially start until September 22, and until then, your clothes are making me sweat. And I do not mean it in the good way.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finding love at NYU, Part I

The ResNet dude came and fixed my internet (read: tore our room apart in an attempt to find the jack, I guess?) but somehow managed to break my roommate's in the process. I guess that's the price you pay for being 1 of 10 juniors to score such luxury housing. Actually I have no idea what one would have to do with the other, I guess I just enjoy continuously bragging about my sweet new living space.

Anyway, incase I needed more proof that I'm definitely back in NYC, here's a sampling of a conversation I overheard during tonight's installment of the Gramercy Green Daily Fire Drill, which, incase you could not tell by the official looking title, has indeed become a daily occurrence:
NYU Girl 1: Okay this is really off topic, but I really want to meet some new guys!
NYU Girl 2: You do?
NYU Girl 1: Yeah! It's been like, so long since I've had a boyfriend.
NYU Girl 2: But how would we meet guys? It's always so sketchy when you go out to bars and stuff. I hate talking to them.
NYU Girl 1: Yeah I know...but still, we should try to find some!
NYU Girl 2: But do you even have time for a boyfriend?
NYU Girl 1: (turns to face me) Can you stop fucking pushing?! God, fuck you. (Turns back to friend.) People here are so ridiculous.

In other news, I started my CosmoGirl internship today, and though my editor advised I don't mention it too much on this blog (people don't know how to use the internet, remember?), and really she's probably right and I probably won't, I do think it is fair to say I am in love. I know it's only been one day, but I have literally dreamed of working for this specific publication since I was in middle school, and I just find it really unbelievable that I am actually doing it. This is probably foreshadowing for some intense post about dreaming big and making things happen. I may push and shove during fire drills and I may occasionally mock my fellow students, but I'm not a total cynical bitch. And while I may never find a man in this big city, as of today, I've definitely found love.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Definitely back.

Nina yelled at me last night for neglecting my blog. Well, it was less of a yell, and more of a gentle chastise. Nonetheless, I know I've been slacking. It's really just because I have nothing to say.

Being back in the city is great. Last night I got home pretty late from hanging out with some old friends, and as I stepped into the elevator two other students got in with me. One was dressed like Britney Spears circa Hit Me Baby One More Time, complete with a tiny plaid skirt, tied up white button down, and an added piece of flair in the form of a box of cigarettes resting in her cleavage. The boy was less easy to define; he wasn't wearing clothes so much as a sheet of some sort, and he was yelling obscenities at the onlookers gawking at his naked form. When the doors closed though, he became much more friendly. "Oh my god, I love your pearls! So fierce," he complimented me. I was indeed wearing a string of pearls. "And your shirt!" Marc Jacobs, sporting Hilary's face. Hey, I'll vote for Obama, but I still love my girl. "It's fabulous," he continued. "So fierce. Fierce fierce fierce. I love Hil. She's great. I wish she was still running. I wish she'd beat Obama." Somewhat taken aback, but curious as always about a new person's political stance, I asked: "But will you still vote for Obama?" The Britney-look-a-like chose this opportunity to jump in. "Yeah, we'll vote for him, I think. It just sucks about Hil. She rocks. So do you!" At this point they had reached their destination. "Night, love you," they yelled as they exited the elevator.

And that's how I know I'm back at NYU.