Friday, January 9, 2009

Mooning over MK

I always complain about not having a good Halloween costume. This year I was particularly lame as I basically used the holiday as an excuse to make my only AA purchase of the semester, so I had to work around a slutty black dress when it came to making my costume. I had grand plans to be a zombie, but while some girls seem to look super sexy in dead-person makeup, it turns out I'm not one of them. So I threw on a witch's hat, lined my lips with black eyeliner and called it a night.

I've spent the past three November 1st's chastising myself for not being as creative and inventive as the people I see on the streets (my dear friend Sam, circa freshman year, comes to mind) of New York. I always vow that I'll start thinking months in advance for the next Halloween and definitely hold my own in the crowd. So far, this vow has not been fulfilled. But no more! I've found the perfect costume for next year, inspired by my One True Love. No, I don't have a new boyfriend. I mean Mary Kate, obviously.

I'll never be able to explain why exactly I'm obsessed with MK. I'm sure my obsession would not endear me to her, so sadly we'll probably never be BFF, which of course is the ultimate goal. But I know that since 2nd grade when we played "Mary Kate and Ashley" on the playground (weird?) I only wanted to be MK. I was actually the only girl who didn't want to be Ashley. This suited me, seeing as I fancied myself a unique individual even back in the I loved being the sole MK running around with 9 Ashley's (yes, there really were only 10 girls in the 40 person grade at my Jewish day school in guy to girl odds I'll ever have in my entire life? Yes, probably.) So my love must be deeper than the well-dressed-yet-cracked-out-ano-artsy-Bohemian image MK presents to the tabloids today, because I was already on the bandwagon when her hobbies included "horseback riding" and she was a self-proclaimed "tomboy." (Mary Kate and Ashley Fan Club trading cards including info about each girl: so key for delving into the souls of my childhood idols.) Regardless, MK has always been my favorite female celeb. And seeing as I don't really do celeb guy crushes (I much prefer to lust over men I actually know yet still can't have) that basically makes her my favorite celeb, period. So it makes sense that she would inspire my costume for Halloween 2009.

She. Is. So. Fucking. Hot. So it's decided. This coming year, I will be the moon. Specifically, Mary Kate The Moon. I will ask to be referred to by that title all evening. Get ready. Who wants to be my sunshine? 

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