Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last First

That's Molly and me "underwater" @ P.S.1 MoMa

My last few days of summer vacation have been positively blissful. The apartment is coming together, my friends have been reliable and wonderful, I've been actively doing cool shit, and New York feels like home. I'm so lucky, and I'm going to try and remind myself that every single day this year, especially when all the work I've signed up for starts feeling overwhelming, or I get the urge to freak out about The Future, or when I get caught up in the tiny little things that ultimately don't really matter. I'm incredibly excited for this school year, even more so when I realize it could be my last official school year ever. Which means I'm like, growing up...or something.

Happy first day of school everyone–let's get to it!

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Ashley K said...

woo let's do this!

ps: I LOVE those underwater pics